Dalkeith Means Business (DMB) objectives are:

– Enhance the economic wellbeing of Dalkeith.

– Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between local businesses for their mutual benefit and for the wider benefit of Dalkeith.

– Pursue projects and initiatives that encourage economic development, commerce and tourism, preservation, development, improvement of character and general amenity and utility of Dalkeith.

– Promote and to encourage physical improvements within the town, with all, for the benefit of the local businesses and the community.

– Investigate through consultation the local business appetite for the creation of a business association and Business Improvement District (BID).

– Formation of a new legal entity or entities to further pursue the above objects, if deemed appropriate through consultation with local businesses and stakeholders.

To progress these objectives we have received seedcorn funding support from the Scottish Government and the project is managed on their behalf by Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP).
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